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5 Dec

Honeybee Press is thrilled to announce the release of our newest title, Pine Street Poets, a new collection of poems from the Pine Street Poets Workshop. The book will be released with a reading and celebration on Saturday, July 11th, 8pm, at the Green Studio, on Pine & Howard streets. $5 admission includes the book, as well as refreshment.

Printed with hand-set lead type, at the Green Door Studio in Burlington, VT.

Printed with hand-set lead type, at the Green Door Studio in Burlington, VT.

Edited by Meg Reynolds and John Milton Oliver, the collection also features exciting work by Honeybee Press author Edie Rhoads, and Salon contributor Genevra MacPhail, as well as Anthony Locicero, Beal St. George, Sam Hughes, and Honeybee Press editor Benjamin Aleshire.

Recent titles:

First Do No Harm, by Craftsbury author and farmer, Julia Shipley.

WELCOME to the online home of First Do No Harm, by Julia ShipleyHoneybee Press, a writers’ cooperative based in Burlington, Vermont and New Orleans, Louisiana.  The goal of Honeybee Press is to produce high-quality local literature and make it more affordable and visible to the public. This is accomplished through empowering authors through traditional book arts: letterpressing, blockprinting, handbinding. In addition to The Salon, we launched a book series in 2011, thanks to a VT Arts Council grant. Since 2010, we’ve published The Salon: A Journal of Poetry & Fiction, a bi-annual magazine of poetry, fiction, essays, reviews, and plays, as well as a poetry book series featuring Vermont writers, handbound with letter-pressed covers. To submit to The Salon, take a look at the guidelines. (submissions are currently OPEN).


Volunteer efforts and financial support are greatly appreciated. If you wish to volunteer or donate to The Salon, please email thepoetrysalon@gmail.com.


Extra Extra! Nick Spengler on Edie Rhoads

23 Mar

Poet Nick Spengler recently took a break from his work as John Irving’s literary assistant in the solitary village of Dorset, Vermont, and returned to the Old North End for the Burlington Free Press, to catch up with Edie Rhoads, her daughter Amina, and me at the neighborhood cafe. I brought along some bookmaking supplies and Nick brought Aylie Baker, a Watson-winning photo- and audio-journalist. Her shots from the session are posted exclusively here at HoneybeePress.org! Thanks to Nick and the Freeps for shinin’ a light on a great new poet.


Edie Rhoads

Bookbinding demonstration


(From left) Robert Mckay, Edie Rhoads, and Nick Spengler in Burlington’s Old North End.

All right, now go buy the book at your local indie bookstore! At ten bucks it’s a steal! Think what the ultra-limited-edition, letterpressed Reinventar el amor is worth to Bolaño nuts on eBay now! The Day Bat is so there in thirty years. But buy it now to read it now, repeatedly. Then order a back issue of Salon 3 and read Nick’s fabulous poems there!


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