Submission Guidelines

NOTE: Submissions are currently CLOSED while we set up shop in New Orleans, in addition to Vermont. Check back in a couple months. If you are a Louisiana writer feel free to query about getting involved, at

“Vague ideas must be confronted by clear images”

- Jean-Luc Godard

The Salon is currently seeking new writing for its seventh issue, due in early summer 2013. Primarily we print Vermont authors; that is, authors living and working in Vermont or nearby.  However, we are also interested in writing from authors with a connection to Vermont - writers that studied here, for example. The writing itself does not have to be about Vermont or set in Vermont.

The vast majority of the submissions we receive are free-verse poems, but we are interested in publishing more essays, political commentary, reviews of new books by Vermont authors, letters responding to work in The Salon, interviews with local artists, plays, translations, metered and rhyming poems, and fiction.

Response time for Issue #7 is up to 4 months. If you don’t receive a response in 4 months, send an email to

Include your name, address, email, and phone number on each page, as well as a brief cover letter telling us about yourself.

All submissions must be typed.

Simultaneous submissions (a manuscript which you have also sent, or will send, to other publications) are accepted and encouraged as long as this is stated in your cover letter and you notify us immediately upon acceptance elsewhere.

Previously published work will not be considered. Writing published online will not be considered.

Responses will be emailed, unless you include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with sufficient postage. Please do not submit again until you have heard back.

Pay is 2 copies of the magazine and a 1-year subscription.

Writing from all styles and traditions is welcomed; the focus is on clarity, purpose, originality, and inventiveness of language.

No rants, please; though we welcome political and controversial writing from all ends of the opinion spectrum.

No nature poetry, please; though we welcome writing which uses nature as a way to illustrate ideas about our world.

Spoken word, hip-hop, beat, comedy, and slam poetry is not primarily what we’re looking for. That said, we will print it if it works as well on the page as it does on the stage. What this means is: A spoken word poem, stripped of its performance aspects and naked – so to speak - on the page, will often work better if it is formatted or structured in some way. Ginsberg’s ‘Howl’, for example, is an example of a meticulously structured poem. If you submit random lines of free verse, we are very unlikely to print them.

Translations from any language are strongly encouraged (please include the poem in original language as well).

Rhyming poetry, and poems in traditional metrical forms, are strongly encouraged.

If you are interested in receiving feedback about your work, please indicate this in your cover letter, and we will make every effort to respond with our comments. However, we have a very small staff and it may not always be possible to make a personal reply, though we strive to reply personally to every single submission.

POETRY: Submit up to five poems.  Either single or double-spaced is fine. Feel free to print double-sided; it may save you postage.

PROSE: Submit one short story, up to 15 pages. The Salon also considers excerpts from longer works. We are primarily seeking short stories, but we will also consider memoir, essays, reviews, criticism, and interviews. Either single or double-spaced is fine.

PLAYS: Submit one short play, or excerpt from a longer play, up to 15 pages, standard format.

Our submissions address has changed – if you submitted to the former address, don’t worry, we’ll still receive it. Please send submissions to:

The Salon, c/o North End Studio

294 N. Winooski Ave

Suite 116 B

Burlington, VT, 05401

Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with sufficient postage if you’d like your manuscript returned – otherwise it will be recycled. Do not send your only copy. Expensive letterhead & envelopes, binders, books, clippings, and promotional materials are not necessary. Feel free to print double-sided if you wish; it might save you postage.  Postal submissions are preferred, but if you’d rather submit via email, send submissions to as a single attached doc. or pdf. file, with your cover letter in the body of the email. In the subject line of the email please include your last name and the genre in which you’re submitting, as well as in the name of the file itself. For example:

(subject) Poetry: Smith



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