Issue 4

Current Issue: #4

Current Issue: #4


Editor’s Note: Ben Aleshire

Robert McKayHow to be a tourist in your own city

Therapy for Desire

The Unknown

Paige Ackerson-KielyProvisions


Girl Next Door           

Julia ShipleyTwo Eggs   

Noah and Persephone

TRANSLATION: Estefania PuertaAdios Muchachos 

THEATRE: Galen Peria & Hugh MackeyMrs. Bob

April OssmannLoves Me, Loves Me Not           


Daniel LuskStar Spangled Love  


Lullabye in Wartime   

Pamela AhlenDirective

Rajnii EddinsAmerican Psyche/Psycho  

Nicholas Buckalew – Loud Cellmate

Nicholas SpenglerA Workable Arrangement

Annie Doran – In Virginia


Charles DeniordSudden Shore

The Fire

FICTION: Kim ChaseTeach Yourself Icelandic

Frances CannonHabit

Wyn CooperPity

Michael FlemingMath Teacher 

Maurice KennyFor Ed Kanze

CONTRIBUTORS’ NOTES                                                                                   

Editor’s Note:

The prevailing theory today is that digital technology is a reality we must face, lest we become an old bag lady: toothless, barefoot, swimming in memories of 1952. But if you listen closely, you might hear the tuning fork of irony ‘struck upon a star’—as Fitzgerald put it. Reality and digital reality are two very different things; Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook have become very rich while convincing us otherwise.

            Many literary publications are following this trend: Submishmash, eBooks, Twitter accounts, print-on-demand publishing. Yet, after all these gadgets and global interfacing, most publications languish where sales and readership are concerned.

            The Salon has become somewhat of an experiment: can an unfunded upstart magazine run by twenty-somethings connect with readers on a broad local level?  Already, The Salon is distributed to over 50 locations in Vermont, including many independent bookstores, where it sells well enough to sustain publication. This year the magazine is participating in all 3 of our state’s literary festivals, as well as holding a host of other events—and this summer, Honeybee Press, the publishing body of The Salon, was awarded a grant from the Vermont Arts Council to launch a book series.

            I believe our success is due to several things: the spirit of unity that exists in Vermont’s arts organizations (The Salon could not exist without the collaboration and synthesis of Burlington City Arts, North End Studios, and Alleycats Studio); our refusal to buy into expensive digital trends, (and determination to work with out hands to produce the magazine); and lastly, the strength of the quality of work that writers are producing in this state. Take a look inside and judge for yourself.


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